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An approved facility for collection and export of frozen semen.

Oswood Stallion Station, Inc. finalized the construction of a state of the art semen collection and freezing laboratory in November of 2013. The entire facility is 3000 square feet, with 1500 square feet equally divided between the collection and processing rooms. This laboratory offers multiple appealing amenities to the daily collecting, processing, freezing, packaging, and shipping of equine semen. By continuing to stay current with semen manipulation protocols such as centrifugation and equipure, the staff at Oswood Stallion Station, Inc. is able to offer the best finalized semen product possible to our customer. Along with semen processing for stallions standing at Oswood Stallion Station, Inc., we also provide semen improvement for received shipments to mares being housed on-site, should a less than satisfactory dose be provided initially.

The laboratory is separated into two areas: PROCESSING and FREEZING
1) One allowing for processing on-site doses and cooled shipped semen
2) The other allows for freezing semen for domestic and international purposes.

Found within the freezing section of the laboratory are three storage rooms, each one is specifically dedicated to
1) Domestic
2) European Union
3) other International destinations

All of the USDA import/export documentation and the required testing is handled by the staff at Oswood Stallion Station, Inc. in a professional and timely manner.

As an approved facility for export of frozen semen, we take pride in the product we ship and strive to supersede all others in our technique and finalized product.


The vision of Jeff Oswood, when building this new laboratory, was to not only provide his stallion owners with the best opportunity for their stallion’s reproductive success, but also offer those services to outside stallion owners interested in beginning their stallion’s career, or preserving the legacy their stallion’s will eventually leave behind.


Because of state of the art facilities in the highly technical breeding operation, and the comfort and condition of an owner’s mare of constant importance, the services to an on-site mare are such that an owner always knows his valuable program is being protected. The mare receives full attention, and all normal reproduction costs are covered within the chute fee and breeding fee. This includes palpations, inseminations and ultra-sound charges.


For the mare owner who chooses to keep his mare at home, Oswood Stallion Station offers the convenience of scheduled service from FedEx as well as in-house courier services to the airport. These well-organized transport services assure both door-to-door or airport counter-to-counter convenience. Cooled semen involves the following charges:

Semen Pick-Up Fee
Semen Collection
Fed Ex Shipping
Airline Shipment incl. Courier Fee

$100 per shipment
*$200 per collection
$300 per shipment
$375 per shipment

* The chute fee includes the cost of the first two semen collections and evaluation of the semen. No cooled semen to Canada.



Frozen semen is available on many of our stallions. The option of receiving frozen semen should be discussed in depth with our staff. Details and costs are available upon request.

FedEx Shipment:
Airline, Including Courier:
Frozen Semen Pick-Up Fee:
Dry shipper Usage Fee:
Dry Shipper Deposit:

$1,250  (refundable upon return of dry shipper)

*Fees listed apply to shipments within the United States.  Frozen Semen to Canada is $500 plus $150 health certificate. Other International Shipment Fees may vary.  Please contact a representative at Oswood Stallion Station for more information.


The amazing statistics on our embryo transfer program make it an appealing answer for many mare owners. Your mare can have her foal carried by a recipient mare while she carries another or goes back to her show career. It is an amazing use of the latest scientific processes, and highly successful with our team involved. A mare’s entrance into our embryo transfer program should be discussed in depth with our staff. Details and costs are available upon request.

$425 per flush


In addition to breeding within our outstanding roster of stallions, Oswood Stallion Station is prepared to receive semen for the stallion of your choice for on-site mares. The chute fee includes all normal reproduction costs including palpations, inseminations and ultra-sound charges and will include three (3) reproductive cycles.


We are famous for our foaling barn, our observation system and our on-the-spot care for a newborn and for the mare. Every effort is made to produce a quiet, comfortable foaling stall for the mare’s safety and assurance in producing a sound, healthy foal. The foaling charge is $500 and $120 FoAlert charge.


We’ve talked about our staff under the guidance of Jeff Oswood and Dr. Ron Foland. Between them, these highly respected professionals have been about the business of reproduction for over 50 years. Dr. Walter and Jeff Oswood, along with our qualified staff, see your mares each and every day. There are no mishaps, no lapses of judgement where this top rated mare care facility. Beautifully tended pastures, safe fences, good food and water and a watchful eye. Stalls are large and bedded deep, with that same watchful eye at all times. There is no down time at Oswood Stallion Station. Someone with experience and that important watchful eye is on duty at any hour of the day or night. Everything you could want for your mare is available at Oswood Stallion Station; security, safety, care and concern in the hands of true professionals.

Stall with individual daily turn out
$32 per day (upon availability)
Pasture Mares
$18 per day
Paddock Mares
$20 per day
Light Barn Mares
$25 per day (dry)
Foaling Barn Mares
$25 per day (dry)
Wet Mares
Additional $2.50/day (pasture) or $5.00/day (stalled)

We are also able to offer full service year round Mare Care:

Stall with individual daily turn out
$32 per day (upon availability)
Pasture Mares
$16 per day
Paddock Mares
$18 per day
Light Barn Mares
$25 per day
Foaling Barn Mares
$25 per day
Wet Mares
Additional $2/day (pasture) or $5.00/day (stalled)


As breeding season closes, Oswood Stallion Station takes up its second ‘season’ in the horse business; preparing young horses for the sale ring at the prestigious NCHA, NRHA and NRCHA sales. Jeff Oswood has won ‘best fit’ awards at every major sale and the auction houses are proud to have his expertise and experience in this field. Every Oswood entry is physically fit, properly mannered and perfectly polished. The presentation is professional and there is never a mis-step. These Oswood-fit horses are packaged to show off their look, their conformation, their mind in the middle of a pen with an auctioneer’s hammer, bidding high and dramatic and to never lose their connection to their handler. It is a display of horses and horsemanship at its best.

Daily Rate
Sale Halter w/Name Plate & Lead:
Blanket Repair & Washing Fee:
Sales Day Preparation & Fitting:
$575.00 (or 2% of total sales proceeds, whichever is greater)
Shavings Surcharge & Transporting Horse To Sale:
Vary upon sale location

To obtain a sales contract, or if you have any questions, please contact an Oswood Stallion Station representative.


At the center of everything that makes Oswood Stallion Station the very best in the business is the breeding facility. A private, quiet, distraction-free environment is one of Oswood’s most important ingredients. Stallions are respected, their work as breeding horses is handled quietly and with the extraordinary horsemanship that rests in Jeff Oswood’s hands. He knows his stallions, knows their needs and has a great set of statistics at the end of each season to prove that his methods are correct.

The safety of the stallion is foremost, and of equal importance is the care and safety of the mare in her turn. The facility itself is the best that modern science can offer, with the equipment and expertise of the entire team in the lab focused on one thing; your mare’s conception. Because of an exemplary staff and Jeff Oswood’s management style, the ranch is able to offer every possible procedure to ensure your mare’s pregnancy. From semen collected and into your mare within minutes to cooled and frozen semen and our highly successful embryo program, nothing is left to chance. The Oswood Stallion Station offers a highly qualified team of professionals working together smoothly and seamlessly; all for the successful pregnancy and next year, a happy and healthy foal headed for a championship career.